Always look on the bright side of life

Camp 2020 has come to an end. It wasn’t the camp we were planning at the beginning of the year, but it will certainly be memorable. We’ve still managed our traditional camp photo, wake up shake up, camp fire and disco. We even managed to present the happiest camper award and finished with our camp anthem, “always look on the bright side of life”. Thank you to everyone who has ensured this years camp could happen, and hopefully we can meet in person in 2021.

Our final day

Today has started with some fun and games and we were joined by Tom Milson, UK Commissioner for Inclusion. We played heads or tails, animal charades and spot the difference. We will spend the day getting ready for our traditional end-of-camp disco and campfire with glow sticks, bubble wands and face paints delivered to all our Scouts. Let’s get ready to party!

Bird boxes and face painting

The penultimate day has concluded with photos of our bird boxes, a trip to the races and a special visit by Tim Kidd, UK Chief Commissioner. It’s been a great day and we look forward to our camp fire and disco tomorrow evening, as well as the highlight of the day – presenting the award to the happiest camper.

Animal day

Animal day has come to camp. We’ve got door hangers to decorate, bird boxes to make and faces to paint. We look forward to seeing our virtual zoo this evening, we may even spot some real life animals!

Bake off here we come!

What amazing creations we’ve seen today, our bakers will definitely give the professionals a run for their money. Paul and Pru would be proud. Lot’s of energy is needed for animal day tomorrow so it’s a good job we’ve got all that sugar to keep us going.

Baking day

Today is baking day with everyone creating a masterpiece for judging this evening. We look forward to seeing everyone’s creations later on!


We end the day by sharing photos and videos of our attempts at flying and investigating a few philosophical questions. Sleep well campers we have a day of baking tomorrow.

Flying Day takes off

Today started with a song before learning more about our activities for the day. We’ve got kites to decorate and fly, paper aeroplanes to make and prop planes to fly. A day full of highs.

Day one comes to an end

Puzzle day concludes with the answers to our picture quiz, some colourful banners and a game of bingo. As strange as it’s been, it’s great to see so many people join us. Tomorrow brings flight day with model planes, kites and paper aeroplanes. Hopefully the sun will shine and we can fly them outside.

Puzzle day on camp

The bell has rung and camp is open. Today is puzzle day with a photo quiz, word search and other puzzles. Everyone also has a banner to make to show on screen later. It was great to have so many people join us, see so many people in our special camp-at-home t-shirts and we look forward to meeting again and getting the answers to the puzzles.