Thank you and goodnight

Singing, dancing, circus skills, what a talented group we are.

The magic of fire

After discovering (or not) how to light a fire we’ve cooked our own lunch before honing our talents for the talent show this evening.

A thief in our midst

Breakfast was eaten and inspection carried out, then how to win the trophies was explained. But where are they now?? We may need our very own Robin Hood to help capture the thief…

Rise and shine

The bell has rung, we’ve done our morning exercise and the rain has moved on. Today we build our own camp fires to cook lunch, giving those hard working folks in the kitchen the morning off (maybe). Then it’s time to practice our skills ahead of the highly anticipated Agoonoree has talent.

Camp fire’s burning

We had an afternoon film and a few games whilst sheltering from the rain, before the traditional camp roast for dinner. After flag down we headed to the camp fire circle for some music and songs. A good first day with several more to come.

Rain, rain, go away

After settling in and a light lunch it’s time for the photo treasure hunt. Being Scouts we are always prepared and the rain won’t dampen our spirits.

Agoonoree 2021 has begun

After months of planning and a slight curve ball in 2020 we are finally back at camp. The tents are up, the flag raised and woggles handed out. Camp is open!

Camp photo