Christmas is coming

New for 2019 we are producing our very own Christmas cards. Look out for more information at the end of September about supporting us through the purchase of cards designed by our very own Scouts and volunteers.

Goodbye Agoonoree 2019

After a year of planning, a week of camping and a day of packing, Agoonoree 2019 has come to an end. We leave behind a few marks on the grass and take with us numerous happy memories. Thank you to our volunteers for giving up their time, our Scouts for their enthusiasm and our supporters for enabling camp to happen.

If you would like to help make Agoonoree 2020 as memorable we would love to receive your donations at

We’ve done it!

As the sun sets on our final evening of Agoonoree 2019 two of our hardest cycling Scouts took us across the finish line at John O’Groats, as our furthest cycling volunteers counted down.

Over seven days numerous Scouts and volunteers have come together to cycle 874 miles. Thank you to all our supporters who have encouraged and sponsored us, you have made it worthwhile.

Time for a swim

After a visit to Fort Nelson we’ve picnicked and spent a few hours picking up essentials in Fareham. There is just enough time for a cooling swim before our end of camp meal, awards ceremony and disco. Not forgetting the final ride over the finish line!

The final countdown

Thanks to the hard pedalling of everyone on site, and all our visitors, we will make it to John O’Groats this evening. We still need your help to meet our fundraising target though.

First though, a day of shopping, swimming and exploring a historic fort.

Sea shanties and sunsets

As the sun sets over camp we sat round the camp fire to dry out from our rafting and sing sea shanties whilst relaxing with a hot chocolate, made even sweeter knowing we have now cycled over the border in to Scotland.

Ahoy landlubbers

As the dark clouds gathered we passed Carlisle on our way to John O’Groats, only 337 miles to go. We really need your help to get us to our fundraising target

We raised the pirate flags before building a raft to reach the treasure. Sea shanties await this afternoon, after the Peter Pan versus pirates baseball challenge.

Cream then jam, or jam then cream?

Today we’ve faced a wet and windy day so spent the time creating art masterpieces. The afternoon brightened when home made scones made an appearance, although debate followed about the cream and jam order. The evening ended with an art exhibition where pieces changed hands for hundreds of Agoons.