Agoonoree 200 Club.

supporting the Agoonoree Special Needs Scout Camp


It’s time to join the new Agoonoree 200 Club..!

It’s still only £10 for the year and as well as supporting our special needs camp you have a chance to win one of four prizes each month! The first draw will be at the end of October.

The 200 Club runs from October to July and there are 10 lucky draws. The first prize every month is £50.00; second prize is £30.00 and third and fourth prizes are £10.00. All the money left over at the end of the year helps fund our very special camp and is spent directly on the kids.

If you’d like to carry on supporting us, and possibly be a winner in our lucky draw, please fill out the bottom of this letter and send your £10.00 made out to The Agoonoree 200 Club.’ If you know anyone else that might like to join, we are always very grateful for new members.

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