Life on camp

Planning for each camp starts at least 12 months in advance by agreeing which site we want to visit and checking availability. Our planning committee then continue to meet several times a year with representatives from each Scout group, our entertainment, kitchen and general staff teams.

On the Friday before camp an advance party of volunteers arrives on site to unload our container of equipment, put up the tents and organise the kitchen. The coaches of our Scouts and volunteers arrive Saturday lunchtime and camp begins in earnest.

The camp is kept to time through the ringing of a bell. The first bell at 0730/0800 is to wake our Scouts, our volunteers get up ahead of this. Our volunteers then help our Scouts shower and dress, ahead of the breakfast bell. Those who are ready before this may energise themselves by participating in ‘wake up, shake up’.

After breakfast each patrol does its own washing up and prepares for inspection, where the patrol tent and sleeping areas are checked for cleanliness. Flag break follows at about 1030. If we are staying on site Patrol Leaders then have a briefing meeting whilst the rest of the patrol have a drink or play games.

A morning activity follows, which is run by our entertainment team. At approximately 1300 the bell will ring for lunch, prepared by our kitchen team. After washing up all patrols take part in another activity.

Dinner is announced by a bell at about 1800. After more washing up we have an evening activity. This could be a camp fire, film or gang show. Our Scouts are then helped, if needed, to bed at about 2200.

Camp concludes on the Friday night with a three course meal prepared by our kitchen team, with invited guests and the presentation of camp awards.

On the final Saturday coaches arrive to take our Scouts and volunteers home whilst the rest of the volunteers strike camp. The tents are dismantled, the site tidied and the container packed, ready for another fun filled week the following year.

If you would like to join us a volunteer in any capacity please contact us.