Thank you and goodnight

That’s it folks, Agoonoree 2022 has come to a close. The last song has been sung and the last dance has been danced but the memories will keep us going until 2023, and remember, as our unofficial anthem says “always look on the bright side of life…”

Congratulations to all our award winners

Well done to the Woodpeckers for winning the horse racing and sports trophies, Kestrels for the camp gadget, the Swift Kingfishers for the pirate challenge, and our happiest camper and outstanding achievement by a volunteer.

Fun in the sun

The sun stayed out for us this afternoon so we’ve had great fun on the inflatables whilst the volunteers have started to strike camp. We’ve had our final afternoon swim and are now setting up for our last dinner of the week.

The sun has got his hat on

Our last day has dawned and the sun has come out. Before the hard work of striking camp starts we’ve got time for a bit more fun, a read of our daily paper, and a dose of sun cream.

Scottish day comes to an end

Another great day comes to an end on camp. After our neeps and tatties we danced the night away.

If you missed our earlier broadcast from Bucks Scout Radio you can listen back below and here.

Our Highland Games concludes

Winners will be revealed tomorrow but well done to all our competitors, there were some remarkable scores. Also, a big thank you to Bucks Scout Radio for coming to visit us.

In memory of Brian

Today is Scottish day, in memory of Brian who sadly passed away during Covid. Brian was an avid supporter of Agoonoree and volunteered for over 20 years. Unfortunately, due the restrictions, many of us were unable to attend the funeral, so Brian, today is for you.